Container Conversion Ideas

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Are you thinking about using shipping containers for your next project? Debating on building a home or business out of shipping containers? People are drawn to the idea of having a unique design at an affordable price. Not to mention, the flexibility and mobility of purchasing a shipping container. Shipping containers are built to be strong and durable, alongside affordable, it is no wonder people are gravitating towards the idea of building with shipping containers. Another benefit of building with shipping containers is the speed of construction, once permits are obtained, shipping container structures can be put up in a matter of days or weeks, instead of months. The affordability of building with shipping containers allows businesses to expand quicker and continue to grow. Being able to own your structure, gives you the flexibility to move to a new location if necessary. The energy and resources necessary to build shipping container structures is only a fraction of what is required for conventional building techniques. Instead of losing your entire business, your equity is in your shipping container. Shipping containers are stackable like Legos and can be easily transported by ship, train, or truck. Shipping containers are even suitable for earthquake areas of seismic rating of up to the California standards and are resistant to many of the problems that torment traditional wood-frame homes such as fire, mold, leaks, and wood eating insects.

Since shipping containers are used around the world by the shipping industry, using them for homes and business is an eco-friendly alternative and in the end will help out the planet as well. Reducing the waste and being able to reuse materials has gained more prominence in the construction industry. It is estimated that it takes approximately two acres of trees to construct the average American home. Their sustainability and eco-friendliness provide a great alternative to help in the fight against deforestation of our land. Building with shipping containers helps provide an environmental friendly alternative at a low cost.

The design of shipping container conversions can sometimes be more functional than appealing to the eye, making the aesthetics of shipping containers not for everyone. However, many outside-the-box thinkers and designers can create elegant and aesthetically pleasing structures. Not all shipping container conversions are eye sores. As the popularity for shipping containers is continuing to rise and expand, we are seeing more innovative designs. Designers are starting to experiment and create dynamic and bold designs. As the world evolves so does the shipping container industry. Shipping containers are blank canvases and the sky’s the limit on how you can use them.